About Me

"Beauty" in all its forms, the intensity, the impressive power of nature, the diversity in expression , fascinates me daily, intrigues me and is a guide for my life. That I enjoy. The mystery that I encounter in: all forms of communication through thought, sound, shape, color, smell, taste, touch. The Sensation that all this brings. I'm fascinated by the naturally attuned life forms. Am happy in the woods, visit botanical gardens / beautiful gardens, privat gardens of people. I enjoy these beautiful places and also in this way come in contact with the creator, the creator of this garden by their maqnificient designs and special qualities.

Paint the rose, you could say in butterfly perspective, to see the beauty in all its manifestations to discover and show the essence of this flower, what specialty it has to offer. Painting ,Photography is a language in form, color, composition and light. My writing is an expression of my live experience . My inner vieuw of the possibilitys of this world .The paradise it can be for every living creature. Writing is a lanquage where the sounds vibrate to stimulate ,inspire the inner soul. As of my photo's, I have built an archive of over 35000 pictures of roses, flowers plants and beautifull objects and as man there is not one the same each creation with its own identity and individuality.

But not only the rose inspires me in my work, blossom flowers ,everything and everybody that has  * BEAUTY * inspires me in my work.

The final result of this all is  "Music" for the soul.

To Celebrate life!
Enjoy all forms of expression!
That is the meaning of living.

"I have an everlasting Spring inside of me"

"Je sens in moi un PRINTEMPS ETERNEL"  

Marionne Ernst


The best Modern and Contemporary Artists 2016